Located at the heart of Asia and the cultural hub of Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) boasts a vibrant academic climate and embraces cultural diversity. We offer wide spectrum of courses and degrees especially in Chinese learning, arts and humanities, education, and management. NTNU’s strong dedication to cultivating bright minds and transmitting knowledge with the highest level of standards attracts thousands of talented students and devoted scholars all over the globe every year. Established on the credo that education is the root of our nation, NTNU has been committed to the pursuit of academic excellence, characterized by the many influential educators and researchers it has nurtured over the years.


科研相關傑出成果或實驗室照片臺師大與賓州州大合作研究計畫 7位教師獲獎


光電所楊承山跨國團隊研究 榮登國際頂尖期刊《Science》