Medical research excellence excels upon academic freedom. However, instead of having actual contributions to the welfare of a nation, these advanced researches would only merely be personal academic milestones if researchers cannot integrate relevant findings to industrial development, including drug and medical device inventions. Although industry-academia cooperation has allowed labs to broader access to resources, partnering with corporations has also limited the academic freedom of these labs. Can there be a balance in order to further enhance successful industry-academia cooperation while preserving academic freedom? We invited Dr. Jean-Marc Egly, Research Director of National Institute of Health and Medical Research(INSERM), France as our keynote speaker, Dr. Chung-Hsiun Herbert Wu, President of the Development Center for Biotechnology, Dr. Andrew H.-J. Wang, Acting-CEO of National Biotechnology Research Park and Dr. I-Chien Jan Assistant CEO of BioHub Taiwan to be in our panelists.