2021 Four Seasons Speech Series - Spring From Bean to the Brick: How IMPCT Coffee Won the Hult Prize

In the era of technological and informational advancements, educating our children remains an important subject since parents around the world want their children to be able to access better educational resources, overcome poverty and grow up to live better lives, this is especially the case with parents who live in impoverished regions.
Team IMPCT, a group of four students from the International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA) of National Chengchi University (NCCU), aims to help underprivileged communities regain their self-reliance through sustainable business models and makes the vision a reality by winning the global champion of 2015 Hult Prize.

The Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) invited Mr. Taylor Scobbie, recipient of 2015 Hult Prize and the Co-Founder of IMPCT COFFE, to be our speaker for the Four Seasons Speeches – Spring to share their story of how IMPCT grew into a social impact company from a business competition. 


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