U20 International Youth Forum – Sustainable Energy Workshop

【U20 International Youth Forum – Sustainable Energy Workshop】
The workshop focuses on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is planned into these three topics: Climate Change, Plastic and Waste Reduction, and Sustainable Energy. Through MOST GASE’s corporate visits and close interactions with the corporate instructors and mentors, we hope the participants can exchange ideas and sharpen their insights. Furthermore, through the Youth Fo-rum, we hope to create a platform for intergenerational exchange and spark new solutions for the future of sustainability.
MOST GASE cordially invited Mr. Yukuei Hsu, Chief Curator at Taipower D/S ONE to lead the work-shop and corporate visit at D/S ONE.
D/S ONE is the first green exhibition hall that successfully implemented various initiatives on green ener-gy development; therefore, the visit provided a unique opportunity for both participants and instructors to exchange ideas on sustainable energy.

During the afternoon session, we invited Mr. Jerry Wang, Founder and CEO of ZEV, and Mr. Remi Lee, Chief Sustainability Officer and Spokesman of TCI CO., Ltd, to share their academic and professional experiences and the concept of sustainability and how corporations around the world can help solve the global challenge with the participants.
The goal of the workshop seeks to motivate future generations to raise their awareness of the global envi-ronmental issues; hence, through the first-hand interactions with experienced instructors, the participants could gain knowledge and inspirations to take concrete steps on future sustainable developments.

Photo credit : 天下雜誌