U20 International Youth Forum - Climate Change and Sustainable Future Workshop

【U20 International Youth Forum - Climate Change and Sustainable Future Workshop】
MOST GASE cordially invited Ms. Marilyn, CSR & Communication Director at Carrefour Taiwan to lead the workshop and corporate visit at Carrefour Taoyuan Neili store. The visit provided a unique op-portunity for both participants and instructors to exchange ideas on climate change issue and share the concept of sustainability and how corporations around the world can help solve the global challenge.

During the afternoon session, MOST GASE invited Mr. Liang-Yi Chang, Asia Managing Director of 350.org, and Ms. Kelly Kok, Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan to share their aca-demic and professional experiences with the participants. The goal of the workshop seeks to motivate fu-ture generation to raise their awareness of the global environmental issues; hence, through the first-hand interactions with experienced instructors, the participants could gain knowledge and inspirations to take concrete steps on future sustainable developments.

Photo credit :天下雜誌