To promote better understanding of the recent surface technologies development in Taiwan, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) and Feng Chia University held the "2019 GASE Formosa+ Global Expert: Cutting Edge Surface Technology of Euro – A Cross-Disciplinary & Cross-Generation Dialogue in Taiwan" in Taichung City.

The event invited three overseas professors, Prof. Allan Matthews, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering & Director of BP International Centre for Advanced Materials, the University of Manchester, Dr. David Thomas Allan Matthews, Associate professor of mechanics of solids surfaces and systems (MS3), University of Twente and Prof. Jaroslav Vlček, Head of Department of Physics, University of West Bohemia, who are leading the advanced research of surface technologies in Europe, to share their expertise on the topic. To fulfill the expectation of European Commission,, these speakers have long been developing  innovative features, such as next-generation surface technology advancement, environmental friendly measures, its applications and impact over economic development.