MOST Winter Speech Tang Prize Laureate Dr. Jane Goodall on Sustainable Development Post-pandemic

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Today, the Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) collaborated with the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum to hold the master speech series, Four Seasons Speech Series – Winter. This time, MOST GASE has the honor to invite Dr. Jane Goodall, the Laureate of the 2020 Tang Prize in Sustainability, to talk about her journey and inspiration to become the leader and activist in nature conservation and environmental sustainability.

In her speech, Dr. Jane Goodall reminded us that animals have personalities. They communicate their feelings like humans. To achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, people have to treat all creatures with respect. She also encouraged the audience and young talents to inspire and touch people’s heart with stories that are true to their hearts.

Dr. Chih-Peng Chu, Director General of Department of International Cooperation and Science Education, MOST, gave an opening remark and mentioned that the pandemic has brought people’s awareness of sustainable future. Meanwhile, he also expressed his appreciation for Taiwan’s successful epidemic prevention, which allows the country to remain normalcy for the event to be held. Mr. Tzu-Cheng Peng, Chief Curator of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity collaborating with MOST GASE on this event, giving young talents in Southern Taiwan a chance to be inspired by the world-renowned Dr. Jane Goodall. 

The speech attracted more than 200 participants, including students from Concordia Middle School and 40 international students and faculty from International Program for Sustainable Development of Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU), a collaboration between CJCU and the Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan. 

In order to explore the many ways of sustainable development, MOST GASE also organized a pre-speech panel discussion featuring environmental activists from the industry, government, and academia to talk about social sustainable responsibility. The panelists included Ms. Marilyn Su, CSR & Communications Director and Spokesmen of Carrefour Taiwan and the CEO of Taiwan Carrefour Foundation, Dr. Hsien-Shao Tsao, Associate Researcher at the Taipei Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center, and Dr. Shen-Horn Yen, Associate Professor at Department of Life Sciences, National Sun Yet-sen University.


Ms. Su shared Carrefour’s experience in collaborating with NGOs to maximize the impact on promoting food transformation, animal rights, environmental protection, and waste reduction. From an education perspective, Dr. Yen talked about how he raises students’ interests in animal conservation and environmental protection. Working in the zoo, Dr. Tsao emphasized the importance of zoos when it comes to conservation by sharing Taipei Zoo’s experience in international conservation projects, such as Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group.

One of MOST GASE’s mission is to cultivate young talents and broaden their horizons by inviting international science and technology and social sciences scholars to share their journey of study and life experiences at the Four Seasons Speech Series. 

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