【Free International Webinar】The role of Artificial Intelligence to overcome COVID-19 in Taiwan

Sep 10, 2020

College of Management at Taipei Medical University and The Masters Program of Postgraduate Studies at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (Untirta) held a global scale celebration, the International Webinar with an important theme, "The Role of Artificial Intelligence to Overcome Covid-19 in Taiwan".

The event was opened by the Director of Postgraduate Untirta, Dr. Aan Asphianto, MH. In his remarks, Asphianto conveyed the importance of sharing knowledge and information, especially related to the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak.

"We can learn and take experience from a country that has proven successful in handling this epidemic. For this reason, in addition to efforts to increase cooperation between international-standard campuses, organizing events by raising 'hot issues' like this should be appreciated by all parties, "said Aan, Wednesday (1/7/2020).

Head of the Untirta Masters in Management Study Program, Agus David
Ramdansyah, Ph.D, who is also the Chairperson of the Committee, stated that the activity was one of the implementation of the Untirta Management Study Program work program.

"Collaborating with overseas campuses in this matter with Taiwan Medical University (TMU), also to study and explore the knowledge, knowledge, technology and experience of a research expert by utilizing Big Data, especially in handling Covid-19."

Agus hopes that increased collaboration and collaboration in the implementation of the Tridarma of Higher Education between Untirta and TMU will be more closely linked to a more planned and measured program design in the future. In addition, he hopes that after participating in this event, the participants will gain wider insights in terms of research.

Prof. Ben-Chang Shia who was a dean of College of Management at Taipei Medical University and the keynote speaker at the event outlined the importance of managing data to be processed and analyzed correctly using the right methods so as to produce the information needed.

Big Data expert who is also the Dean of the Taipei Medical University (TMU), who is also an Advisor to the Taipei City Government revealed that the successful handling of Covid-19 in Taiwan included being able to predict the Corona virus activity patterns.

As such, Taiwan has always been vigilant and prepared to face a pandemic arising from China without having to do a Total Lockdown.
Yet according to data, from Taiwan's population of about 23 million people, as many as 850,000 people reside and 404,000 work in China.

In addition, in 2019, as many as Chinese tourists visit this country. It can be imagined how busy traffic is between China and Taiwan. While the distance between the two countries is only about 130 KM separated by the Taiwan Strait.

The event was closed by the Chancellor of Untirta, Prof. Dr. H. Fatah Sulaiman. Sulaiman expressed his joy and appreciation for the holding of the event, which was initiated by the Untirta Management Masters Study Program. In his notes, it is very important to make a strategy in collecting managing and utilizing data for various purposes, so that from time to time can have a "treasure" of big data that is very useful to be analyzed for various development interests.

The first international webinar was held by the Untirta Master of Management Study Program which was attended by 300 participants from various cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Gorontalo and so on, but also was attended by participants from abroad namely, Taiwan , China, Bangladesh, India and Singapore.