CEO of Perfect Corp. Alice Chang: AI & AR reshape beauty technology industry

Aug 24, 2020

How did you come up with the idea to combine the rigid computing code system that’s consists of “0” and “1” with personalized cosmetics and skincare to construct the first beauty technology in the world?
Ms. Alice Chang, the founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., is known to be “the most beautiful CEO in the technology industry”. Alice has successfully connected two seemingly parallel fields: software technology and the beauty industry. “Perfect Corp.” was established in 2015 and has since developed various beauty APPs with the latest technology including AI, big data, and AR. These apps have drawn more than 850 million downloads and created a new trend in the beauty business!
This time, Alice had an exclusive interview with GASE and shared with us Perfect Corp.’s one of a kind beauty technology.

AI+AR = High-Tech Beauty Fashion

Being the first technology company that applied AR technology into cosmetics use, Perfect Corp. keeps advancing its services. The company has developed not only an app that equips cellphone cameras with image editing and makeover functions, but also works on cooperating with international beauty brands to help consumers find the most suitable facial care and beauty products. The app was made possible by applying top-notch AR, AI, and deep learning technologies to detect customers’ skin condition. As for AR Makeup, it allows consumers to try foundations, lipsticks, and mascaras through virtual reality. The app will also direct users to different brands' websites through “purchase” or “more information" buttons based on the try-on results. All users’ purchase information will be saved on their cloud drive for the beauty product brands to analyze their sales data for future marketing use.
Moreover, during the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe and the US, Perfect Corp. developed an AI/AR makeup technology and live streaming service to allow beauty companies to interact with their consumers online. Through live streaming with influencers and instant makeover online, beauty brands can greatly increase their interaction with consumers and directly promote their products.

Alice shared her own experience in buying beauty products. She said that the cosmetic products she chose were either too dark or too light, and the skincare products were not suitable for her skin. Eventually, she often had to return those products or just put them aside. However, with AI and AR technology and the makeup app, it is just as every girl has their personal skin and makeup consultant, which has proven to help girls pick the right personalized products and reduce the rate of the products returned.

Build the Beauty Platform with Innovation and Change

In 2020, the global economy is strongly affected by the pandemic. However, according to the data published by Perfect Corp. on《Q2 2020 Global Beauty Trends Report》in June, there is a significant growth of using Perfect Corp.’s apps in both Europe and North America. In Alice’s opinion, 70% of traditional marketing of beauty brands relied on physical stores, which is seriously affected by the pandemic; therefore, these beauty brands had no choice but to seek for opportunities online.
Alice told us that Perfect Corp. started the work on digital integration at a very early stage. The Covid-19 pandemic saw an increase in collaboration with beauty brands. “We had to try very hard to convince our clients to work with us, but because of the pandemic, many brands have to work with us to speed up their digital transformation process.”

Perfect Corp.’s collaboration is not limited to beauty brands. Alice also shared their recent collaborations with Uber Eats and Taipei Zoo on creating background frames and stickers for messaging apps; as well as, how more business opportunities will appear after the launch of 5G technology. Take Perfect Corp.’s service as an example, Alice said that the company’s design teams and beauty lines will release more than 10 virtual makeup looks for users to download. Moreover, due to the constrain of internet bandwidth, Perfect Corps. engineers have to spend lots of effort to compress these files. However, with 5G soon to become a reality, Perfect Corps. will be able to provide consumers with more exciting AR Makeup functions and experience.
Lastly, Alice emphasized that in a world that is constantly changing, companies also have to advance with the trends in order to survive. “What Perfect Corp. wants to build is a global beauty platform. Only technologies that can solve people's pain points are valuable!” Alice concluded.