MOST Germination Program: Taiwan-Denmark International Technical Cooperation on rapid 12 minute COVID-19 diagnostic test

Apr 08, 2020

04-08-2020 | Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, MOST | Source


MOST supports new Start-up in Taiwan-Denmark international technical cooperation.
With the dawn of COVID-19, the world needs immediate testing products: BluSense successfully developed detection system which enables COVID-19 diagnostic test results be obtained within 12 minutes. BluSense completed the development of the COVID-19 serology test cartridge (ViroTrack COVID-19 IgM / IgG) in March 2020 with the support of the TEN-CHEN MEDICAL GROUP’s advice, which helped ensure the detection system could be continuously optimized. 
Last week, BluSense had its preliminary clinical verification, performed at Hvidovre hospital, Denmark, with a sensitivity rate of up to 90%. The news of this exciting result was broadcast in an interview with the famous Danish news station (DR). Next week, a larger amount of clinical verification will be completed at the Italian and Denmark hospitals, which is expected to obtain EU certification (CE) in May. 
BluSense Diagnostics was established in 2014 as part of a technical cooperation between Taiwan and Denmark. Subsidized by MOST Germination Program, the main shareholders are TaiAn Technologies Corp. and Quanta Storage Inc.. BluSense 's biotech R&D base is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, while the hardware and software center and equipment production are situated in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The international team, taking full advantage of Taiwan's excellent IT industry, designed and developed BluBox, a portable medical detection platform based on the Blu-ray disc drive. BlueBox works using a micro-channel biological detection disc called ViroTrack: it is extremely convenient to carry and operate, and suitable for use in airports, ports and other front-line epidemic prevention environments.


Get results in 12 minutes, and reduce the heavy burden on the medical laboratory.
BluSense overcomes many of the difficulties of existing detection systems and boasts high levels of accuracy, convenient portability and ease of operation. A sample of only one drop of blood (30 μl) is required from the test subject, and no pretreatment (such as centrifugation) is required. Test results that are quantitative, and high in both sensitivity and specificity can be obtained within just 12 minutes.

BluSense can be focused on COVID-19 serology test:
(1) Community track-backs and detection of suspected asymptomatic patients
Currently, PCR is the main detection method for COVID-19. PCR requires professional operation and 4 hours to obtain results, and sometimes repeated testing: a heavy burden on the medical laboratory. BluSense's rapid and accurate detection technology can assist in performing the en masse community tracks-backs, diagnosis of asymptomatic patients and screening of personal travel histories that are needed, greatly reducing the pressure on medical inspection personnel.
(2) Confirming whether a patient can be discharged

At the moment, in order to confirm whether a patient can be discharged from the hospital or not, three negative PCR results are required. BluSense 's COVID-19 serology test can provide quantitative test results, identify the changes of IgG and IgM antibodies in patients, and can be therefore be used as a superior reference for whether a patient is suitable for discharge.

Technology Research and Innovation Can Help! 
Since 2011, MOST has been promoting a "Germination Program", focusing on the concept of “From Academia to Market: Transforming Research into Innovation”, with the innovation economy now a major government focus in Taiwan. 
BluSense boasts innovative technology, a professional R&D team and experience in cooperation with international health organizations. When a new infectious disease breaks out, it has the ability to quickly develop corresponding rapid detection products to match. In 2016, it was the Zika virus, particularly in Central and South America. At that time, BluSense stood out despite a high degree of competition from international manufacturers (the selection rate was 2%), won the USAID-Combating Zika R&D bonus, and completed product development and certification within its expected timeframe. In addition, it also received funding for the European Union ’s Horizon 2020 SME Phase II in 2018 (the funding selection rate was only 3% in Europe), representing the EU ’s recognition that BluSense is amongst the most highly innovative and competitive global start-up companies. With all countries now facing the test of COVID-19, BluSense can become the light of Taiwan and do its part for the world.



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