NSYSU Signs MoU with Universities in Lithuania for Research of Semiconductor and Talent Cultivation

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National Sun Yat-sen University has expanded its academic influence to the Baltic countries with support from the Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania. As the only university entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with Lithuania's universities in the Taiwan-Lithuania Semiconductor Talent and Research Scholarship Program (STAR Program), NSYSU has recently signed MoUs and a Joint Statement with three top Lithuanian universities: Vilnius University (VU), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). The STAR Program provides a monthly subsidy of NTD 25,000 to each Lithuanian student pursuing a master's degree at NSYSU, while NSYSU President Dr. Ying-Yao Cheng promised to waive tuition fees. Each year, a total of 20 students will be granted the scholarship. The joint cultivation of high-tech talents will be implemented through dual-degree and student exchange programs focusing mainly on high tech such as semiconductors, 5G, AIoT, cybersecurity, and materials science. Students will also have internships in related industries. In addition to the education cooperation, NSYSU's Center of Crystal Research also signed an MoU with Lithuania's Center for Physical Sciences and Technology for joint research.

"The Ministry of Education selected NSYSU as a key cultivation school for the Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College and a Regional Resource Center for Bilingual Education. We have ample English-taught courses for international students," said President Cheng. Another advantage is NSYSU being in charge of the curriculum of the International College of Materials, based in Kaohsiung, and cultivating Taiwan's future talents in advanced materials and circular economy. NSYSU will also work with Teltonika IoT Group, the leading Lithuanian electronics manufacturer, to nurture high-tech talents for the industry. After completing studies in Taiwan, students will return and contribute what they have learned to the development of Lithuania's semiconductor, information, and communications industries.

In March 2020, NSYSU established the Taiwan and the Baltic States Research Center on Physics (TBRCP) in Latvia. The cooperation began in 2018 among NSYSU Center of Crystal Research, the Institute of Solid State Physics at the University of Latvia (ISSP UL), the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania, and the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology at Vilnius University (VU). An international research team was formed with NSYSU as the leading institution. The team received funding from the European Union's 2018 M Era.NET project and additional funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. The Center is located in the Institute of Solid State Physics at the University of Latvia for scientists from Taiwan, Latvia, and Lithuania to collaborate on condensed matter physics, materials science, and optoelectronic engineering research.

Since its establishment a year ago, the TBRCP has organized two bilateral academic workshops in March of 2020 and April of 2021 and has succeeded in matching eight international research teams in physics, optoelectronics, materials science, environmental engineering, and marine sciences. This year, NSYSU's Center of Crystal Research, led by Chair Professor Mitch Chou, established a cooperation agreement with Lithuania's State research institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Fizinių ir technologijos mokslų centras, FTMC) in condensed matter physics, materials science, and crystal optics. The FTMC is the most significant scientific research institute in Lithuania, with world-renowned research in optical and laser and connection with the industries.
NSYSU received full support from Ambassador Eric Huang in pioneering academic cooperation in Lithuania. The joint declaration with three Lithuanian universities on the STAR Program and the cooperation agreement with FTMC were signed during the Taiwan delegation visit to Lithuania headed by the National Development Council Minister Ming-Hsin Kung. The event was witnessed by government representatives and prominent leaders from both countries

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