Experts Call to Build a Global Base for Semiconductor R&D and Talent Cultivation

Oct 25, 2019

Phubbing, spending hours on mobile devices, the rising level of people’s dependence and digital device addiction, especially among the millennial generation, is far more serious than many have imagined. Researchers and scientists in recent years have regarded the issue as one of the major causes for many negative impacts for individuals and society. Little do we know that these modern problems, however, have much to do with the advanced technology of semiconductor!

To explore the progressive development of semiconductor in Taiwan and the role of technology on promoting future talents in modern society, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) and National Chiao Tung University held an international expert forum, “From Strength to Strength - Building a Global Base for Semiconductor R&D and Talent Cultivation”.

Showing an infamous vintage photo of an IBM computer being transported by a bullock cart in 1963, Dr. Ta-Sung Lee, NCTU Vice President for Research and Development opened the event by pointing  out that the roles of semiconductor and integrated circuit are inevitable in the development of advanced digital technologies, such as social media platforms, cloud services and big data.

Taiwan's semiconductor industry has taken the lead in the world thanks to the unique R&D and production models. In 2018, Taiwan ranked the third, only after the United States and South Korea, in the world's semiconductor output value. This globally recognized position and significant achievements are a pride of Taiwan. 

Semiconductors is also critical in the development of Internet of Things, 5G, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, robotics, automotive electronics, virtual reality and augmented reality in future global innovative economy. With such technology leverage and strong talent pool, semiconductor industry continues to be the foundation of Taiwan's industrial innovation and development in the future.

Aimed to promote Taiwan's pioneering development of semiconductor technology in the world, this event invited world-renowned scholars and industry leaders in the field of semiconductor device materials. Director Hsiao-Wei Yuan of GASE stressed the importance to accelerate the exchange of knowledge and experience through various international platform.

During the event, Dr. Alex K-Y. Jen, Provost of City University of Hong Kong and Dr. Jack Sun, former TSMC Chief Technology Officer expressed their worry about the possibility of brain drain of semiconductor industry in Taiwan. To accelerator 5G and AI industries, two factors are crucial: cheaper semiconductors and a large number of talents. However, Taiwan has long been suffering from a serious issue to retain and recruit talents 

To counter such problem, Dr. Kuan-Neng Chen, NCTU Vice President for International Affairs and Associate, Dean of the International College of Semiconductor Technology, shared his experience about ICST-NCTU Overseas Master Degree Program. The mission of this program is to cultivate creative talents and deepen international collaboration in the fields of semiconductor technology and semiconductor circuits.

The event was organized in hope to highlight the advantages of Taiwan's semiconductor industry, which could be leveraged strategically in the future development of innovative technologies. The event also seek to inspire a new generation of innovative R&D talents to throve globally.