Global Higher Education Alliance cross-border online workshops officially kick off

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The Office of International Cooperation at National Chengchi University will hold six online workshops from September to November this year under the theme of "Higher Education Global Alliance: Cultivating New World Citizens." These workshops bring together representatives from universities from around the world. Following NCCU President Ming-Cheng Kuo's international cooperation development plan, the workshops will cover four major topics: "Transnational Language Learning," "International Development and Services," "Asian Studies," and "Reflections on International University Rankings." All workshops revolve around discussions on inter-school cooperation, joint course offerings, teacher-student exchanges, and other inter-university exchanges, as well as reflections on the current state of the world university ranking system.

In May this year, under the leadership of Herng Su, Vice Chancellor of the University System of Taiwan and professor at NCCU's College of Law, the NCCU has formed teams to prepare for each topic and take charge of inviting scholars overseas to join online workshops. The first of the six online workshops is "Transnational Language Learning," which took place on September 2 and featured prominent scholars from Germany and other countries. The session discussed how to enhance bilateral exchanges and teacher exchanges between the NCCU and its partner schools and how to develop double and multiple degree programs. The online workshop on "International Development and Services" will take place on September 17 and be convened by Department of Ethnology Chairman Kuan Da-wei. Scholars from Japan, Thailand, the United States, New Zealand, Fiji, and other countries will participate in discussions on developing multilateral university exchanges and community services in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Two "Asian Studies" sessions will be in October and November, each focused on specific topics. The October event centers on "International Sinology from a Global and Local Perspective," and Chen Hsiu-fen, the NCCU History Department chair, will convene the session. The discussion will focus on developing exchanges for the current Sinology curricula and research while exploring new collaborative teaching and research models. The November meeting will discuss "The Prospects of Asian Legal Studies in the Digital Era" and will be convened by Professor Lai-Jier Her of NCCU's College of Law. This meeting aims to improve inter-university cooperation with a view to establishing an Asian law research community and a new perspective on Asian studies. The forum will include experts and scholars from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. It will also lay the groundwork for the "Asian Studies Plus (AS+)" in the future. 

"Reflections on International University Rankings" will also be held in two sessions, both in November. The first will be the University Presidents Forum, bringing together university leaders from Germany, France, and Japan to discuss with NCCU President Ming-Cheng Kuo the shortcomings of the current world university ranking mechanisms. The discussion will highlight the difficulties faced by universities that specialize in the humanities and social sciences. The forum will attempt to develop a plan for improving current rankings. Angela Yung Chi Hou, Associate Dean of the College of Education, will convene the second session. It will feature scholars from Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to discuss issues related to university governance, fields of study, and the post-pandemic outlook while considering the impact of university rankings on government policies and university operations. It will also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on school evaluation indicators.

The above online workshop series will pave the way for the May 2022 international conference and the NCCU "Asian Studies Plus (AS+)." May-Shine Lin, Vice President for International Cooperation of NCCU, pointed out that the discussion of these four key topics provides opportunities to explore models for future collaboration with foreign partners. The series also seeks to improve NCCU's international student and faculty exchanges so that the university can play an even critical role in Asian studies. 

A total of six workshops, focusing on four major themes, will be held this year following the schedule below. Some of the workshops will be open to audience participation:

"Transnational Language Learning": September 2 (Thursday)
"International Development and Services": September 17 (Friday)
"Asian Studies": October 27 (Wednesday) and November 16 (Tuesday)
"Reflections on International University Rankings": November 4 (Thursday) and November 11 (Thursday)

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