Team Luminescence won third place in the grand finals of ATCC Case Competition.

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After five months of intensive training and eliminations, Team Luminescence emerged from more than 600 teams and won third place in Grand Finals of the 19th ATCC Case Competition representing the Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) with their proposal “The Azure Seas of Taiwan”.

The Grand Finals of the 19th ATCC Case Competition was held on Saturday, 7th August at the auditorium of the Taoyuan City Government Department of Youth Affairs. The five months long competition kicks off in February. After been through the primaries in March, the Covid-19 broke out in Taiwan in May. As a result, the Grand Final was postponed to 7th August. During the epidemic, MOST GASE along with other Case Partners including Carrefour Taiwan, Shin Kong Life, Taiwan Mobile, and Taoyuan City Government Department of Youth Affairs continued to invest in human and capital resources to provide training and coaching to the students to ensure they could be their best selves at the grand arena.

Team Luminescence is made up of five first-year undergraduate students from across National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. They successfully integrated hard technology with their agile marketing skills. Not only did they complete their mission as the “Science and Technology Ambassadors of Taiwan”, but also made a name for themselves in the national arena in their debut. Luminescence’s proposal focuses on promoting technologies solving issues relating to marine debriefs. The team aims to discover and integrate the different solution providers scattered throughout Taiwan to form regional clusters. Through their “Telling Story of Azure” trilogy, they hope to call on Taiwanese youths to help promote Taiwan’s advanced marine waste management technologies. To make Taiwan the synonym for marine debrief solutions!

The panel of judges at the Grand Final include Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Director of MOST GASE and Vice President for International Affairs; Ms. Marilyn Su, CSR & Communications Director and Spokesperson of Carrefour Taiwan and the CEO of Taiwan Carrefour Foundation; Mr. Thomas Huang, Head of Gaming Business, Taiwan Mobile; Dr. Chen Hsu Liao, Vice President, Shin Kong Life Insurance; Ms. Rita Yen, Director, Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan City Government; as well as, two external juries Mr. James Tan, General Manager, beBit; and Ms. Jane Liu, General Manager, Commonwealth Learning Group. The contestants demonstrated their wit, preparedness, teamwork, and understanding of the market environment in the multiple rounds of questions.

The judges and juries all acknowledged the importance of tackling the challenges of marine debrief pertaining to the “The Azure Seas of Taiwan” proposal. Of which, Ms. Jane Liu of Commonwealth Learning Group pointed out that she is moved and inspired to see so many Taiwanese youth engaging in important public issues such as marine waste management. Furthermore, referencing the key visual of the 19th ATCC Case Completion, Mr. James Tan of beBit concluded that joining ATCC Case Competition could allow the contestants to develop three important skills and abilities: problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, and ability to deal with pressure which he believes will help the contestants go a long way in their lives.

From the registration in February to the Grand Final on Saturday, five final teams emerged from multiple challenges and eliminations. They used their creativity to tackle challenges from various sectors. They all carried out strong execution whether it is through social media campaigns, campus events, or field researches. In the end, Team Eureka won first place representing Shin Kong Life Insurance. Team Eureka’s proposal not only provided a solution for the competitive insurance industry, but also successfully met the needs of many university students.

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