MOST GASE X BFT Women in Tech Panel Discussion on Strengthening Gender Equality in STEM Fields in Taiwan

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Technology innovation requires a diversity of talents to bring different perspectives. Women are an important force which cannot be neglected in the innovation process. The Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) collaborated with Bureau Français de Taipei (French Office in Taipei) to host the “Women in Tech” panel discussion on July 30, inviting successful female leaders in the fields of STEM to share their first-hand experiences and encourage more women to participate in scientific research and the technology industries.

The panel discussion which was held online and focused on “Leadership for the Next Generation” had attracted nearly 300 students to attend. Dr. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Director of GASE and Vice President for International Affairs of National Taiwan University served as panel moderator. Joining Dr. Hsiao on stage were leaders from four prominent technology companies: Perfect Corp., L'Oréal Taiwan, La French Tech Taiwan, and TCI. GENE. Through the panel discussion, they shared their first-hand experiences and advocated for the influence that women can bring into STEM to inspire young women to pursue careers in this field.

Mr. David Kibler, Cultural counsellor - Head of Culture, University Cooperation and Education at French Office in Taipei, mentioned that the French Office in Taipei is committed to promoting exchange of talents between France and Taiwan. French Office in Taipei believes that diversity and inclusion can attract more talents to the innovation and technology industry, and emphasizes the role of women diplomats in the international arena. French Office in Taipei values its partnership with Taiwan as Taiwan is an island with excellent innovation technology.

Through the panel discussion, the audience had the opportunity to learn the importance of believing in yourself, listening to your inner voice, and daring to try. Ms. Laetitia Lim, Co-President of La French Tech Taiwan shared, in terms of the balance between work and family, you may overcome the challenges and find the way that suits you best as long as you find what you love. Similarly, Ms. Grace Fu, CEO of TCI. GENE shared, women should reserve time for themselves besides work and family to reflect on their goals. Many difficulties could be solved if they are passionate about their job.

Ms. Alice Chang, the Founder & CEO of Perfect Corp. shared, there is no difference between men and women when it comes to work. The most important thing is to be capable to achieve the goals you have set. Opportunity only comes to you when you concentrate on your job, keep learning and dare to challenge. Ms. Shalom Chen, Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Public Affairs Director of L'Oréal Taiwan shared, L'Oréal Taiwan established " Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Awards" as role models with the aim to encourage more women to break through the traditional social frame and to step into scientific fields.

At the 11th National Conference of Science and Technology in late 2020, the development of women's power in research was unanimously emphasized by industries, governments, and academia. MOST GASE is committed to the cultivation of young talents in Taiwan and abroad, with the cooperation of the industry, government, and academia. In recent years, MOST has actively encouraged more women to participate in science and technology research. In the future, MOST GASE will continue to invite distinguished leaders in STEM for our “Women in Tech Panel Discussions” to promote gender equality and the continued development of Taiwan’s science research.

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