NCCU Joins the University Alliance in Talent Education Development (UAiTED); Set to Mutually Share Educational Resources and Groom International Talent with Renowned Asian Universities

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National Chengchi University has set another milestone, having recently been inducted as a member of UAiTED, an alliance between 16 of Asia’s top universities. As part of the Alliance, it will share educational resources and apply the spirit of “co-learning” with the other 15 member universities. In order to formally bring NCCU into the Alliance, President Kuo Ming Cheng recently concluded a collaborative agreement. Meanwhile, one of the major driving forces behind the alliance is the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, which has for many years been cultivating talent. With over a decade of experience in industry-academia cooperation both domestically and overseas, it strives to nurture the talent necessary for tomorrow’s society. Its goal can be summed up in the slogan “Gaining a Foothold in Asia, Expanding Global Cooperation.” In 2019 it jointly established UAiTED, which now consists of 16 universities: NCCU, NTNU, NTUST, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University, University of Malaya, University Putra Malaysia, National University of Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, and NCCU.

President Kuo stressed that, in future, NCCU will place greater emphasis on international industry-academia cooperation, and work to jointly nurture high-quality industry-academia personnel around the globe. He specifically thanked the Alliance chairman, Ovid Tseng, and all the partner universities for their support and the warm welcome they have extended. He noted, “NCCU will, of course, actively partake in various projects. Aside from being a member of the University System of Taiwan, we are also intent on engaging in the full range of exchange and collaboration activities with the renowned Alliance partner universities.”

The Alliance aims to facilitate collaborative exchange among Asia’s leading universities in the areas of education, internship, innovation, and industry-academia R&D. After joining this international, intercollegiate, and interdisciplinary alliance, NCCU will begin sharing educational resources and applying the spirit of co-learning. Chin Shih-chi, the NCCU associate vice president for academic affairs, explained that 55 micro courses have been added to the online curriculum, and include elements from literature, law, business, and the humanities. These courses will be shared with each of the member institutions, along with various other relevant resources.

NCCU will also design courses that comprise uniquely Taiwanese features, with subjects including Mandarin, religion, and modern and traditional arts, etc. It will collaborate with industry practitioners in courses centering on AI education in business and information, and in lectures similar to TED Talks, so as to nurture future talent with a background in both industry and academia. NCCU will work with the Alliance to jointly promote overseas internships. Chiu Wen-kuo, the president of student affairs, stated that NCCU will assist students from Alliance universities to undertake internships in Taiwan. The system of mutually beneficial internships between each university in the Alliance not only serves to nurture the talent required in industry and academia, but also equips students with greater international competitiveness. NCCU will also begin to actively take part in innovative international and intercollegiate competitions.

Despite a global pandemic, the Alliance’s vision of talent training has not halted, with the relevant training events still planned for 2021. These include lectures by Stanford graduate entrepreneurs and R&D on special Alliance courses. If Covid restrictions are lifted, collaborative internships will be held with national laboratories and both domestic and overseas enterprises. In July, an international competition will be held with the theme UN Sustainable Development Goals. Due to the pandemic, online virtual internships will replace in-person programs. President Kuo stressed that “NCCU faculty and students should cherish the opportunity to join the Alliance, and in doing so, help NCCU more quickly become one of the most prestigious universities in Asia and the world.”

President Kuo stressed that, in future, NCCU will place greater emphasis on international industry-academia cooperation, and work to jointly nurture high-quality industry-academia personnel around the globe.(Photo by Secretariat)

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