MOST GASE X 19th ATCC Case Competition Semifinal

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After two months of team efforts and training given by MOST GASE, Team Luminescence - The Cerulean Sea of Taiwan won the semifinal of ATCC Case Competition and will be representing MOST GASE in the final competition. Team Luminescence will present their proposal on the topic “Youth Impact: You Are the Science and Technology Ambassador of Taiwan” on the Final Competition against three teams representing other case competition partners.

MOST GASE’s Semifinal was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the judging panel, we had Director General Chih-Peng Chu of the Department of International Cooperation and Science Education, MOST, Professor Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Director of MOST GASE, and Mr. Johnny Wu, CEO of MOST GASE. The observers are rivaling partners from Carrefour, Taiwan Mobile and Department of Youth Affairs of Taoyuan City Government, and collaboration partners from Lead for Taiwan and Lin's Scholarship NTU Project.

There are four teams joined us in the semifinal competition. Each team’s proposal covers different scientific topics and methods of promoting Taiwan’s R&D strength. The topics of proposals presented by the contestants include ocean sustainability, space science talent cultivation, international S&T talent pool, and S&T knowledge trivia event. MOST GASE helped these four teams improve their proposals through connecting them with MOST GASE’s partners in the industry, the academia, and the research community. The top four teams have shown tremendous growth through the past month and done their best during the competition.

Director General Chu mentioned that he is cheerfully optimistic about the future of Taiwan. He added that they all have a very well understanding of the strength of Taiwan’s science and technology and came up with the creative way to promote it. Director Yuan also commented that all the young contestants had demonstrated ambitions and capabilities that outmatched the people in the same age. The CEO of MOST GASE concluded that no matter the outcome of the competition, MOST GASE had witnessed their incredible growth throughout the four months. MOST GASE will always be their home and ready to help them facilitate their projects and assist them in connecting with external resources any time.

As an island nation, Taiwan is not only rich in biodiversity, but also has very well-developed marine technologies, especially in marine waste management. Their three-part proposal aims to promote Taiwan’s marine technology globally, but also show the world that we are all on this planet together. In the next months ahead, MOST GASE and Luminescence will be working closer together to strive for best place in the grand finals of the ATCC case competition.

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