Ministry of Science and Technology and National Taiwan University Launched the Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement

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The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) launched the Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE) on November 14, 2018. GASE is a joint initiative between MOST and National Taiwan University (NTU).

The launching ceremony of the GASE on November 14 was attended by more than one hundred university thought-leaders from 75 institutions from 25 countries, including President Hideo Ohno of Tohoku University, President Lise Dumasy of the Université Grenoble Alpes and President Yong-Hak Kim of Yonsei University.

"Cross-nation multi-lateral collaboration has become a powerful means for many universities. GASE will play a critical role in facilitating global partnerships that enable productive collaboration among key stakeholders across diverse institutions of scientific research globally." said Dr. Liang-Gee Chen, Minister of MOST, at the ceremony.

As an agency facilitating internationalization, GASE will translate and map global collaboration and science and technology engagements in Taiwan and reach out to the broader world of research and innovation across cultural, national and international border. The four strategic tasks for the Center will be:

1. to enhance global branding for scientific research;
2. to nurture global talents and build sustainable talent eco-system;
3. to engage scientific international partnership and global alliances;
4. to facilitate, support and align Taiwan’s science and technology policy with that of our global strategic partners.

GASE seeks active collaboration with key partners and international alliances across the world. With a university-centered structure, GASE will be able to build effective partnerships and create industrial collaboration and social innovation, while linking and forming alliances with institutions of higher education and research as one ecosystem, creating synergy and long-lasting impact.


Media Contact

Program Director Hui-chuan Cheng
Department of International Cooperation and Science Education, MOST
Tel: +886-2-2737-7472

Linda Chang, Director for Global Alliances
Office of International Affairs, NTU
Tel: +886-2-33662007 #216

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