【Clinical Management】Japan developed COVID-19 Tracing App to fight the disease with technology

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 ▲Japan developed COVID-19 Tracing App to fight the disease with technology (resource: Freepik)


To help the authority on epidemic investigation and to stop the virus from spreading one of the most popular solutions is apply advanced technology to develop tracing app. According to the latest news article on Routers, "Japan aims to launch coronavirus contact tracking app next week," in hope to control the epidemic development through COVID-19 tracking app.

As the outbreak started to slow down in the West, Asian countries, such as Japan and China are in fear of facing another wave of outbreak. To cope with the disease, scientists devote to developing antiviral drugs and vaccines; meanwhile, they also try to implement new technology to fight against the pandemic.

The upcoming tracing app can collect data through Bluetooth signal. The app will identify devices that appears more than 15 minutes in one-meter radius. Once the confirmed cases being reported, the system will send notification and medical suggestions to those who have close contact with the patients.

The Japanese Health Ministry stated that "by knowing the possibility of having come into contact with someone tested positive for the new coronavirus, users can get early support from a public health center such as an access to a diagnostic test." Moreover, to protect user’s privacy, the app will not collect personal information, such as name and phone numbers.

Apart from Japan, European countries that are hit hard by the pandemic are also working on developing tracing app for epidemic prevention. By the date of the news was released, there are approximately more than 25 tracking apps being developed around the world.

Although Japan's pandemic situation is rather stable comparing with many Western countries, there are still 20,000 confirmed cases in the country. Therefore, Japanese government also hopes the COVID-19 tracking app can help control the spread of the virus in the country.

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