【Clinical Management】Telehealth is a must-have after the COVID-19 pandemic

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一場新冠疫情迎來醫療新革命 「遠距看病」將成全球新趨勢

 ▲Telehealth is a must-have after the COVID-19 pandemic.(sources:Freepik)


As the outbreak started to slow down in Taiwan, people begin to contemplate about the future development of medicine, epidemic prevention, and public health. Many experts believe that the pandemic has drawn people’s attention to the development of telemedicine. In a review article, “5 Reasons Why Telehealth Is Here to Stay (COVID-19 And Beyond)” published on Forbes, it mentions the importance of continuous development of telehealth during and after COVID-19.

Currently, there are many well-developed technologies that can be used in telehealth. In the U.S., people are under the order shelter in place to control the spread of virus. Therefore, telehealth is used in self-screening the symptoms of COVID-19 and providing immediate medical help through online apps. Although the video technology used on telehealth is great, it would be greatly enhanced by combining novel medical technology, big data, AI technology, and 5G Internet in the future.

Apart from the technology, the article also discusses the strength of developing telehealth during COVID-19 as the regulatory is lowered to align with home quarantine needs. Before the outbreak, telehealth services were only provided to established patients of a doctor. The current waiver could be a good chance for telehealth to develop and broaden the service.

Telehealth can provide immediate medical help to people with difficulties visiting the hospital and can also reduce the possibility of hospital-acquired infection during pandemic. However, the problem on how to protect patients’ personal data and rights as well as the physicians working hours still need to be discussed when developing telehealth system in the future.

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