【Clinical Management】Applying new technology on epidemic prevention, U.S. hospital uses AI to ease the pressure on health sectors

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 ▲Example of chest x-ray (sources: Freepik)


When facing the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases, healthcare industry around the world are gradually experiencing medical staff shortage. To solve this problem, many health sectors are trying to apply new technology, such as the integration of AI in the medical system to help human combating the virus.

A medical team, Partner HealthCare, from the U.S.A. published the article, “How Hospitals Are Using AI to Battle Covid-19” featured in Harvard Business Review. This article mentioned that the team in collaboration with Providence St. Joseph Hospital and Microsoft is currently developing AI applications on the self-screening system, which will work as an online chatbot for health consultation to ease the overwhelming medical hotline.

They developed a chat interface “Partners Covid-19 Screener” using AI technology that will help with the first step diagnose by asking a series of questions based on Covid-19 symptoms provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Besides the team at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, other hospitals in the U.S. are also cooperating with academic and research institutions to integrate AI technology on clinical diagnostic uses. This can help ease the health sector’s pressure and prevent the spread of the virus by reducing people’s contact in the hospital.

Currently, AI technology has already been widely used in different developments, such as AI-driven fever detection system, CT and X-ray image interpreter, and patients’ vital sign detection.

Finally, the medical team also stated the potential application of AI in medicine and epidemic prevention. Indeed, AI can’t fully replace humans, but it can give us efficient assistance under limited time and human resources.

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