Accelerator for Global Science Research Engagement

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE), launched on November 2018, plays a critical role in facilitating global partnerships across diverse institu­tions of global scientific research.

Who We Are

The Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement, Taiwan (MOST GASE) is a mandate office operated by National Taiwan University to foster international cooperation and partnership in science & technology. Our main role is to promote Taiwan's engagement with international research community while nurture and empower local researchers.

The operation of MOST GASE is based on the consultation from its inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, and inter-sectional expert network. As a mandate office of MOST, we continue to leverage its internal and external resources to promote Taiwan’s R&D brand. While initiating industrial collaboration, social innovation, and forming partnerships with higher education and research institutions worldwide, the Center strives to create an ecosystem to integrate Taiwan’s Science and Technology diplomacy efforts.

MOST GASE continues to build a solid R&D brand and elevate Taiwan’s R&D visibility in the world through our monthly newsletter, website, and social media platforms. The Center also holds international events and academic conferences to cultivate talents and strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and the international R&D community.


MOST GASE carries out its mission based on “5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan” and the “DIGI+ program: Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Program” to promote the inter-disciplinary development - biotechnology and health-care, digital transformation, cyber security, semiconductor program, aerospace industry, and improving internet infrastructure among public and private sectors.

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MOST GASE's mission is based on three main pillars of operation, “Promote Taiwan's R&D Brands”, “Increase International S&T Collaborations” and “Cultivate Global Talents”. The center also plans “Haido Series” events to focus on the country itself and reinforce Taiwan's R&D power locally and internationally.

Steering Committee